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Sifting Through Mets Nonsense

There has been plenty of speculation and an avalanche of tweets over the past few days regarding who might be coming and going from the Mets. Let’s sift through some of the nonsense, and make no mistake, much of it is nonsense.

Mets serious about Nelson Cruz (left) & Curtis Granderson?

First there were tweets from Mets beat reporters that said the Mets were “serious” about both Curtis Granderson and Nelson Cruz. But then other reporters tweeted that the interest was not very serious at all.

So which is it? Well, both of those players would cost the Mets a draft pick because they turned down qualifying offers from their old teams. The Mets first round pick is protected, so they would lose second and third round picks if they signed both of them.

Sandy Alderson and J.P. Ricciardi have both said that the Mets are comfortable giving up a draft pick since it is not in the first round. But then a “team source” told ESPN New York that the Mets are “unlikely” to sign a player who will cost them a draft pick.

So are the Mets serious about Granderson or Cruz? Who knows? That’s why it is nonsense.

Speaking of nonsense, that brings us to genius Jeff Wilpon. There was plenty of fun Wednesday afternoon when he came out and said the Mets would announce some kind of player move later in the day. Alderson seemed shocked when reporters told him this. Of course, there were no moves.

One thing that may not be nonsense is that Ike Davis could be on his way out of Flushing. Multiple reports say multiple teams have inquired about Davis, thinking he would benefit from a change of scenery. The reason that this might be true is because at least two independent reports list the exact same teams who are interested — Astros, Brewers, Orioles, Rays and Rockies. Usually when the information is this detailed, there is some truth to it.

Other reports said the Mets were listening on Daniel Murphy and talking to the agent for Jhonny Peralta. Will anything happen there? Well, Alderson says he wants to improve at shortstop, but Alderson says a lot of nonsense that never comes to pass.

The point is, don’t get too worked up by all of these reports. Most of them will turn out to be erroneous.

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