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Report: Mets Meet with Jay Z About Robinson Cano

The New York Post reported early Tuesday morning that Mets brass had dinner with Jay Z and his entourage Monday night to apparently talk about Robinson Cano’s free agency. Don’t get excited Mets fans; it will never, ever happen.

The report said:

The hip-hop impresario joined Mets COO Jeff Wilpon, general manager Sandy Alderson and assistant general manager John Ricco for dinner at a posh Manhattan hotel to discuss Cano’s free agency, two sources familiar with the situation told The Post. Cano’s group, which also featured agents Brodie Van Wagenen and Juan Perez, initiated the meeting; Cano himself didn’t attend.

That’s a lot of details, which means one of the sources had to be Cano’s people, in an effort to create the illusion of a market for Cano. It would not be a surprise if the other source was the Mets themselves, in an effort to create the illusion that they are actually trying to sign free agents.

Unless Alderson is a liar (cough cough), there is no way he would sign Robinson Cano because just last week he said he could not imagine signing another player to a nine-figure deal. And Cano will certainly get that from someone.

He will not, however, get the 10-year, $310 million contract that one report on Monday claimed Robinson Cano is still seeking. The Yankees and probably every other team will not go above $200 million.

So who knows what these guys actually discussed over what was almost definitely an extremely expensive dinner. If the Mets picked up the tab, that’s one fewer free agent they will be able to afford.

2 thoughts on “Report: Mets Meet with Jay Z About Robinson Cano

  • No way Jeffy picked up the check. However, he did get Jay-Z’s autograph.

  • Met Fan 4 Ever

    Did dey have some ho’s in dat entourage? If so, maybe Jeffy picked up something else, too.

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