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Jhonny Peralta is Out of His Mind

Appearing on “MLB Tonight” Friday, Joel Sherman said that Jhonny Peralta is the number one free agent target for the Mets. But the New York Post columnist also reports that Peralta is asking for as much as $75 million. And that is insane.

jhonny peralta
Jhonny Peralta is looking to break the bank.

Sherman wrote on Twitter that “Peralta has been asking in the 4-yr $56M range to as much as $75M for 5.” He added that the Mets are interested, “but not at those prices.”

Nor should the Mets be interested at those prices. Has Peralta forgotten that he is coming off a 50-game suspension for his role in the Biogenesis scandal? That there is suspicion that all of his numbers have been inflated by PEDs? The Mets, and likely every team in baseball, certainly have not forgotten.

Going into the off-season, the Mets reportedly thought they could get Peralta on a two-year deal. Sherman said the Mets would be comfortable extending that to three years in the $39 million range. Even that is too much.

Jhonny Peralta should get around the same contract Melky Cabrera got after his suspension — two years, $16 million. But given the weak market for shortstops, Peralta will surely top that.

I would not mind seeing Jhonny Peralta on the Mets, but not if they have to severely overpay. If indeed the Mets only have $25 million to $30 million to spend, and Chris Young has already eaten up $7.5 million of that, then signing Peralta to nearly the rest of the budget would be lunacy. In this case, the Mets cheapness will be an asset.

4 thoughts on “Jhonny Peralta is Out of His Mind

  • there was an article on about how cano may not have many suitors b/c the yankees don’t want to pay him 310m and most of the other big spenders are set at 2b or have other big contracts already. i know the wilpons won’t do this, but wouldn’t it be amazing if they snuck in and just offered him a 6-7 year contract for about 18-20m per year? if they waited long enough they might get him to crack, of course assuming everyone else had little interest.

    this is total wishful thinking, but it kinda reminds me of when the mets snuck in and stole santana out from b/w the yankees and red sox, and the other side jumped first

    here’s the article in case you’re interested:

  • as for peralta, i wouldn’t mind him on the mets. it’d be a two year deal for 15m or a 3 year deal for less than 15m, maybe like 10-12m. if they got him, along with young they’d just need one more bat at first base or right field. i wouldn’t mind a bat at first and then den dekker to make probably the fastest outfield in the league. or option b would be to get a bat in rf and keep ike/duda. i’ve spoken about how i feel about duda personally but we could survive one of them with upgrades everywhere else.

    whatever sandy does, it’s very doable to put at least a pretty good team out there if he’s selective with his deals. sandy is very hit or miss in that sense, sometimes he completely overthinks himself and plays it too patiently. but sometimes he straight up robs other teams (beltran and dickey trades). hopefully he’s got something good up his sleeve

  • Mark Berman

    Good point, Tom, about Santana. No one ever thought he would land with the Mets. I don’t think history could repeat itself on Cano, though. The Mets just won’t spend more than $20 million on one player, and the Yankees are already offering that. The only hope is that Cano wants to screw over the Yanks and signs with the Mets for a little less. But what are the odds of that?

  • Met Fan 4 Ever

    Take Cano out of the NY Launching Pad and his power numbers drop considerably. No, let him do his Criss Mindfreak act somewhere else.

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