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Mets Non-Tender Turner, Hefner Also

In a surprise move, the Mets announced Monday night that they have non-tendered Justin Turner and Jeremy Hefner. That is in addition to the earlier non-surprise dumping of Scott Atchison, Omar Quintanilla and Jordany Valdespin.

We may have seen the last of Justin Turner and his pie nonsense.

Turner and Hefner were reasonably solid performers for the Mets. Hefner is going to miss all of 2014 anyway after recovering from Tommy John surgery. But it was kind of surprising that the Mets did not want to pay him $500,000 to continue his rehab and rejoin the team in 2015.

Turner is even more of a shock. He is the classic super-sub, able to play all four infield positions and he was even learning to play the outfield. Turner probably would have made around $1 million in his first year of arbitration; it would not be a surprise if the Mets try to re-sign him and save a couple of hundred thousand bucks. Talk about penny-pinching.

But if Turner is gone for good, his stupid shaving cream pie nonsense will not be missed.

One thought on “Mets Non-Tender Turner, Hefner Also

  • Met Fan 4 Ever

    Amen to that! I wished that I had the powers of Popeye every time he did that so that I could send a punch through the screen and right into his dumbass kisser. Besides, he could stand at all four infield positions, but *play* them? Not so much.

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