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Should Mets Re-Sign Johan Santana?

Sandy Alderson has acknowledged that he has some interest in re-signing Johan Santana to fill one of the two holes in the Mets rotation. Should they do it?

johan santana
Should Mets re-sign Johan Santana?

On one hand, why not? It would be a one-year deal at very little guaranteed money with lots of incentives. There is very little risk for the Mets.

And there also could be a very high reward. We all know what Santana can do if he is healthy. That is a big “if,” but he could potentially deliver far more than the other bargain basement starters who are available.

On the other hand, why bother? Johan Santana missed two of the past three seasons following two shoulder surgeries. What makes anyone think he can come back? Why ride that roller coaster again?

Besides, Johan Santana has not shown that he values being a Met. Did Santana ever spend a game on the bench last season? Did he ever visit his teammates, even once? He was busy rehabbing, but you’d think he would have made a couple of appearances, considering the Mets were paying him $25 million. You just know Matt Harvey will not be incognito at Citi Field in 2014.

I thought the Mets might do something with that $5.5 million option, perhaps turn it into a two-year deal for something like $7 million. That smacks of throwing good money after bad, but that $5.5 million was spent. It might have paid to take a gamble with another $1.5 million to see if Santana can come back. Having a healthy Santana for what would amount to $1.5 million for two seasons would be the biggest bargain in baseball.

When all is said and done, I doubt that Johan Santana will be a Met next season. Been there, done that is what I think Sandy Alderson will ultimately decide.

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