Photos: Vintage Mets Postcards

Here are scans of some vintage Mets postcards I have picked up over the years. The first two are early images of Shea Stadium.

The third one is from Gil Hodges Lanes in Brooklyn. I loved going there and seeing his Gold Glove and other baseball memorabilia in the display case near the front door. I didn’t like the lanes themselves, though — they were too oily. I preferred Mill Basin Bowl, which the Hodges family later bought and renamed with the Hodges name.

mets postcardimg003mets postcard

2 thoughts on “Photos: Vintage Mets Postcards

  • Hi Mark,

    Where did you grow up? Did you go to Midwood High School? I grew up on Ave M. Gil used to stop at my aunt’s candy shop on Bedford Ave.

    Do you think Bartolo Colon likes anchovies on his pizza?

  • Mark Berman

    I grew up in Canarsie, at East 78th and Farragut. I was able to walk the mile or so to the bowling alley. I used to see Gil’s wife and Gil, Jr. at the alley all the time. I went to South Shore.

    And I’m guessing Colon likes everything on his pizza!

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