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The Phillies Stink!

metsWow! There’s not much more to say. That the Mets swept the Phillies is incredible in and of itself. But shutting them out three games in a row? Nobody could have expected that. And coming off winning two out of three from the Yankees, and you can safely say the Mets are on a roll.

Of course, we’ve seen this before, just last month when the Mets won eight in a row. But then, the Mets were beating the likes of the Cubs, Braves and Dodgers. But these are the two teams that met in the World Series last year. Two offensive juggernauts. And the Mets shut them down.

After two months, it seems like the Mets will be a streaky team with streaky players. Jason Bay is notorious for his streaks. They say when he’s on, he’s unstoppable. I think we’re seeing that now. Jose Reyes seems to be putting things together and being the sparkplug the Mets need. Now if Jeff Francoeur can get back to the way he was hitting the first couple of weeks of the season, and David Wright can stop striking out, maybe we’ve got something here.

*May 26 - 00:05*And how about the revamped rotation? R.A. Dickey and Hisanori Takahashi (left) are making us forget Oliver Perez and John Maine — an easy task, yes, but still a crucial development for the season. And of course Johan Santana and Mike Pelfrey continue their strong seasons.

The Mets are now just two games behind the Phillies after climbing out of last place. Every team in the NL East is at .500 or better. If this keeps up, it’s going to be a very interesting pennant race.

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  • Forget Oliver Perez!??? Every time the cameras flash to him during a game I break out in hives!

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