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Sandy Alderson: Mets Can Win 90 Games

In what was supposed to be a private meeting of Mets brass, Sandy Alderson reportedly proclaimed that he thinks the Mets can win 90 games this season. Insert “what was he smoking” joke here.

sandy alderson
The Florida sun must have fried Sandy Alderson’s brain.

The Daily News reported on Thursday that after Alderson made the wild statement, a discussion on whether it was possible followed, which included Fred Wilpon saying, “We better win 90 games.”

Alderson did not deny the comment when asked by News writer John Harper. “All I’ll say is we have higher expectations than we’ve had in the past,” Alderson said.

While most baseball experts and Mets fans and grade school kids would disagree with Alderson, you can’t really blame him for thinking this. He did, after all, build the team; of course he thinks it can succeed. Besides, this is better than the prediction in a similar meeting a year ago when he reportedly said the Mets were a 70+ win team. That proved to be correct, unfortunately.

So can the Mets win 90 games? Theoretically, yes. But for that to happen, everybody on the roster would have to stay healthy and have career years. However, you can say that for pretty much every team in the league. And really, what are the odds of that happening?

No, as constructed, this is a .500 team at best, and that is pushing it. But hey, you can’t blame Sandy Alderson for dreaming.

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