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Disagreement on Matt Harvey on “The Phil Naessens Show”

Phil and I usually agree on Mets issues (except for David Wright!), but on the latest edition of “The Phil Naessens Show, Phil and I disagree on Matt Harvey. I think if Matt Harvey’s rehab is done, he should be able to pitch this season. But Phil stands by the Mets stance that Harvey will not pitch at all in 2014, regardless of how his well rehab goes.

We also talked about the Mets young pitching as well as the Ike Davis/Lucas Duda “battle” for first base.

Listen to the discussion here:

One thought on “Disagreement on Matt Harvey on “The Phil Naessens Show”

  • Met Fan 4 Ever

    I think the problem here is determining when Harvey’s rehab is truly complete, rather than when he says, “I feel fine, Skip. Give me the ball.” If the doctor has cleared him completely, then he should be allowed to pitch.

    However, I am thinking that the Mets are giving Harvey no wriggle room is because he will do the latter if he thinks it will get him back on the mound sooner.

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