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Scott Boras Making Sense on Mets

Scott Boras is one of the scummiest people around the game of baseball, right up there with Bud Selig and Anthony Bosch. So when he says something that makes sense, well, it is surprising and disturbing all at the same time. And what he is saying about the Mets makes perfect sense.

scott boras
Scott Boras questions integrity of Mets.

Newsday reporter Anthony Rieber reached out to Boras on Friday to see if there was anything doing with the Mets and his client, Stephen Drew. There sort of is.

“I have certainly had dialogue with them,” Boras said. “The message has always been that they have interest in Stephen but they wanted to see how things went in Spring Training.”

Well, things are not going well in Spring Training with Ruben Tejada, yet the Mets are not rushing to sign Drew. That says something to Boras.

“I think the earnestness of a franchise and their desire to win is always appraised by their conduct in pursuing the available talent,” he said.

Boras is right. Certainly he has ulterior motives, but he is speaking the truth. Do the Mets really think they can win with Tejada as their starting shortstop (not to mention the first base fiasco)?

Boras then went on to speak in general about baseball teams, but he absolutely could have (and probably was) been talking about the Mets.

“The bigger issue is the credibility of the teams that are deficient,” Boras said. “They have known weaknesses. We’re talking about a shortstop that’s in the top eight in baseball, is fourth in OPS, drove in [67] runs last year and is one of the better defenders at his position. When these players are available and clubs that have weaknesses are not pursuing them, a question of the integrity of what the goals of the organization are come to mind. I think the fans have to appraise that because if winning is the goal, certainly these players are major factors in whether or not a club can win or not.”

Yes, the integrity of the Mets is definitely in question. They claim they have no financial restraints, yet they will enter the season with a payroll around $80 million. This is simply shameful for a New York franchise, especially one with so many gaping holes.

The fact is the Mets franchise has no integrity. I’m sure they care about winning, but it is secondary to making money (or losing less money). I understand that baseball is a business, but like any business, if you do not have the money to run it properly, then get out.

Boy, when Scott Boras correctly questions your integrity, you know things are bad!

One thought on “Scott Boras Making Sense on Mets

  • Mark,

    The Mets aren’t trying to win. What they are trying to do is spend just enough money to appease their fan base. If they were really about winning they would have either traded Reyes or re-signed him but they didn’t. Why? Because they knew if they traded him the fan base would have went nuts so instead they low-balled him knowing he would never accept their offer thus giving the FO the opportunity to say “we tried”…..they didn’t try then and they aren’t trying now.

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