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What’s with All the Mets Home Runs?!

Don’t look now but as of Saturday afternoon the Mets are tied for the MLB team lead in home runs. If they keep this pace up, the Mets would shatter their franchise record for home runs in a season. When did Citi Field suddenly become a launching pad?

home runs
Ike Davis celebrates Satirday’s game-winning grand slam.

With seven home runs in five games, the Mets are averaging 1.4 homers per game. Over 162 games that would be 226.8 long balls, easily breaking the team record of 200 set in 2006, even without that .8 homer.

Logic says the Mets cannot keep hitting home runs like this. The past two seasons (since moving the walls in) they hit 130 and 139, respectively, fewer than one homer per game. In fact, the Mets have averaged .74 home runs per game (home and away) since they moved into Citi Field five seasons ago.

Can the Mets really nearly double that output this season? Probably not, but they do certainly have more potential power hitters than they have had in recent years, so they should at least hit more homers than they have since Shea Stadium was demolished.

As we have seen, home runs are a good thing; the Mets won these past two games because of home runs, four of them. Obviously it is still early and given their track records we cannot yet count on Lucas Duda or Ike Davis to repeat their heroics, but if the Mets can continue hitting the ball out of the park, we might just have something here.

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