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Mets Offense a Mess

There is no easy way to put this — the Mets offense is simply a mess. You know you’re in trouble when your leading hitter isn’t even a starter.

Curtis Granderson walks away after striking out, a common scene this season.

That’s right, Ike Davis is leading the way with a .400 average going into Thursday night’s action. Granted, he has only 10 at bats, but his four hits are one more than starter Travis d’Arnaud and as many as Lucas Duda, Curtis Granderson and Eric Young have.

Juan Lagares is the only Mets starter who you could say is off to a good start. He is batting .321 with a team-leading five RBIs. It is quickly downhill after that with Daniel Murphy, Ruben Tejada and David Wright as the only starters hitting above .200, and Murphy leads the way in that crew with a paltry .250.

Young has been particularly disappointing, striking out 11 times to go along with his .154 average. A player like Eric Young should not be striking out that much; he needs to simply make contact and get on base at the top of the lineup.

Despite the Mets preaching patience and working counts, Mets batters are time and time again swinging at first pitches. Now, I have no issue with that if it is a pitch a batter can handle. But I wonder if there has been a change in team philosophy, or players are taking it upon themselves to swing whenever they damn well please.

The policy of patience has not worked these past few seasons, so maybe this is some kind of player revolt. Whatever it is, it is the results that have been revolting. The Mets are last in all of baseball with a .190 team average. Even the Triple-A Astros are hitting .199.

Obviously it is still early, but we will soon come to a point when we cannot use that as an excuse anymore.

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  • If you only you’d waited one more night….

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