Photos: Mets Visit Angel Stadium

In a series that include two exciting extra inning games and one blowout, leave it to me to attend the blowout. I was at Sunday’s game at Angel Stadium, watching the Mets play their worst game of the year.

Incredibly, it was not the first time I saw a Mets pitcher allow three home runs in a row, in almost the same city, in fact (they can deny it all they want, but the Angels play in Anaheim, not Los Angeles). I was at a game at Dodger Stadium in 2007 when John Maine allowed three consecutive homers.

The inflated score did have a silver lining, for me, anyway. Whenever the Angels score 10 or more runs, your ticket stub gets you a free sub at Jersey Mike’s. So guess where I’ll be tomorrow at lunchtime.

Despite the loss, it was still a fun day at the ballpark. Angel Stadium is a very pleasant place to watch a game. As I usually do, midway through I abandoned my upper deck seat and spent the rest of the game walking around, watching from various angles.

If you follow me on Twitter (if you don’t, what the hell is wrong with you?!), then you know I was live tweeting photos all game long. Here are a few of them:

angel stadium

The big A sits in the parking lot. They need to return it to the outfield where it belongs:


My view for half the game:


A few panoramas, the first two courtesy of the cool Cycloramic app:

Created with Cycloramic by Egos Ventures

Created with Cycloramic by Egos Ventures


A couple of more views:



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