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Notes on Ike Davis Trade

The Mets traded Ike Davis to the Pirates for two players just before Friday night’s game against the Braves. It was a move that should have been made months ago; a team does not need two starting left-handed hitting first basemen who struggle to hit. Whether or not they traded the right guy is a story that cannot yet be told.

ike davis
Ike Davis’s last great moment with the Mets — a game-winning pinch hit grand slam earlier this month.

“I really had a blast in New York,” Ike Davis said. “I made my dreams come true, childhood dreams come true, playing in the big leagues here. But it’s just a stepping-stone. It happens to a lot of people, getting traded.”

After finally pulling the trigger, Alderson seemed relieved.

“We’re very happy with the trade. We’re happy for Ike in the sense that he’ll get another opportunity elsewhere. It’s a situation that we needed to resolve here. We’re happy with the return. This has gone on for some period of time, as everyone knows. The return has not increased, hasn’t diminished.’’

As far as that return, the Mets get a minor league pitcher named Zack Thornton, who oddly was a Rule 5 guy this winter who was not picked by any team, including the Mets. So now the Mets get someone whom they could have gotten for a nominal fee. Interesting.

There are reports that the player to be named later is actually the “significant” piece of the trade. Alderson would not tip his hand.

“Players are named later for a variety of reasons, so I really can’t get into it any further than that,” he said. “Because if I were to give you the reason why the player’s [not] been named, it would lead you in the right direction.”

Perhaps it is someone who was drafted last June; teams must wait a year before they can trade a draft choice.

Also interesting is that the deal reduces the Mets payroll yet again. The Opening Day payroll was just shy of an already disgraceful $85 million. Add in $1.5 million for Daisuke Matsuzaka and take away Ike Davis’s $3.5 million, and the payroll now stands at $83 million. Does this mean the Mets could make a move to add payroll? Yes, I’m laughing as well!

While the front office loves Lucas Duda’s playing ability for some reason, Alderson admitted that the fact that the team has Duda under control longer than Ike Davis was another factor in his decision. It’s all about money with this team.

In any case, this was a deal that had to be made. It took long enough, but Alderson finally did it.

6 thoughts on “Notes on Ike Davis Trade

  • Met Fan 4 Ever

    What a bunch of goddamned idiots. It is harder to be a fan anymore with this gang of nincompoops in charge. So, in essence, we traded Ike for some guy NO ONE ELSE wanted, and some mystery dude minor leaguer who Sandy the Incompetent cannot name because he will be of such a high impact blah blah blah. I hate these assholes.

    So, we are stuck with The Tree at first. This season is truly a washout. I am declaring now, on this date April 20, 2014. The Mets might as well light up for the rest of the season because with a clunker like Duda letting the ball skip into foul territory every time it is in the dirt it is going to be a long season.

  • What did you expect to receive for Davis? A proven MLB starter? Maybe 2 years ago but not now and at the end of the day this was a move that had to be done now.

  • Met Fan 4 Ever

    Done NOW? Why? What deadline are we facing? Is this so the Coupons can save a few bucks on salary? The guy they needed to move is Duda, yet we are stuck with the big lump.

    Watch Ike turn it around in Pittsburgh and come back to haunt us then tell me we got a good return on this deal.

  • Hello,

    Actually this was long overdue. Had they of waited, and Davis struggled which in all likelihood he will continue to do, they wouldn’t get anything for him. At least they were able to get something.

    I hope he does turn it around in Pittsburgh but since he plays in another division and the only way he will really hurt the Mets is if they face each other in the playoffs. That’s an unlikely scenario, at least for the time being,

  • Met Fan 4 Ever

    I am of the “Trade Duda and Keep Ike” camp but I guess there was even less interest in Duda.

  • I’m of the I would like the Mets to win camp so I don’t care who plays or even who they trade just as long as they win.

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