Hitless Mets Pitchers is Non-Story

If you watch Mets games then you cannot escape the fact that Mets pitchers have not managed to collect a hit thus far this season; Gary Cohen seems obsessed with it. I say it is the biggest non-story of the year.

mets pitchers
Bartolo Colon, one of the hitless Mets pitchers.

Yes, it is mildly interesting that Mets pitchers have broken an all-time record for futility to start a season. They haven’t gotten in a hit in 60-something at bats. I don’t know the exact number because I just do not care.

It is really not important. The Mets have not lost a single game because their pitchers have not gotten a hit in their average of two at bats per game. More important is that just three Mets batters in the lineup are actually hitting the ball with any consistency in their average of four or five at bats per game. That is a real story.

But Cohen cannot stop himself from blathering on about it every time a pitcher steps to the plate. I have no problem with him mentioning it because it is a fact and therefore is worthy of mention. But he goes on and on as if it makes any difference at all.

Cohen is dangerously entering Tim McCarver territory here, mimicking McCarver’s tendency to beat to death points he found important. Overall Gary Cohen does an excellent job and in my opinion is the second best play-by-play guy out there (Gary Thorne is tops in my book), but his insistence on constantly analyzing this non-story is just annoying and takes away focus from the real issues facing the Mets.

2 thoughts on “Hitless Mets Pitchers is Non-Story

  • completely agree… “oh wow, the Mets pitchers are 0 for 60, as opposed to 3 for 60 — WOW!!!”

  • Met Fan 4 Ever

    What IS a big story is HOW DID BARTOLO GET HIS HAT AT SUCH A RAKISH ANGLE? That’s what I want to know…

    Move over Rodney!

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