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Report: Saul Katz Wants to Sell Mets Stake

A potential bombshell report in The New York Times Monday that could shake up the Mets ownership structure — Saul Katz might want to sell his stake in the team.

saul katz
Saul Katz (left) and Fred Wilpon.

It should be noted that when The Times reached out for a comment, Mets spokesman David Newman said there was “no truth” to the chatter and that Katz is “definitely not selling.” Nothing personal against Newman, but the Mets front office has been less than truthful about things over the years, so forgive us if we are going with The Times on this one.

The report says Katz is tired of spending millions of dollars to prop up the ailing franchise. Saul Katz has done it for this long out of loyalty to his brother-in-law Fred Wilpon, who hopes to hang onto the team to pass it along to his son Jeff Wilpon. God help us all.

Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz are partners in Sterling Equities, which owns about two-thirds of the Mets. Remember, the Mets sold off several $20 million shares of the team to raise money a couple of years ago. If Katz were to sell his stake to someone other than Wilpon, Wilpon might not have majority ownership and might not be able to have the final say on team matters.

While this would be devastating to the Wilpons, it would be a good thing for those beleaguered Mets fans who have been clamoring for an ownership change.

Stay tuned. If there is any truth to the report, this will likely take a long time to play out.

One thought on “Report: Saul Katz Wants to Sell Mets Stake

  • Met Fan 4 Ever

    Please sell to Mark Cuban. Instead of “propping up an ailing franchise”, he’d spend the money necessary to bring us a winner.

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