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Mets Outright Kyle Farnsworth

The Mets outrighted Kyle Farnsworth Wednesday night and he is not happy about it at all.

kyle farnsworth
Kyle Farnsworth, we hardly knew ya.

According to reports, the deadline for the Mets to release Farnsworth without guaranteeing his contract is coming up this week, so the Mets saved about $750,000 with the move.

Mike Puma of the New York Post tweeted that Farnsworth said, “I am very bitter right now” after getting the news. It appears he will turn down the assignment to Las Vegas and instead become a free agent, saying he hopes to find a new club that will allow him to “play against this team.”

Kyle Farnsworth has had a short, strange Mets career. He signed a minor league deal over the winter. He was not going to make the team out of Spring Training, so instead of paying him the $100,000 retention fee and putting him in the minors as insurance, the Mets released him. A couple of days later Farnsworth re-signed with the Mets and went to Vegas. He was called up and was promptly named the closer. He started out well, but recently faltered and now he is gone. He was 0-3 with three saves and a 3.18 ERA.

Josh Edgin is expected to take his place in the bullpen.

One thought on “Mets Outright Kyle Farnsworth

  • honestly farnsworth wasn’t too bad, but we know how the wilpons/sandy like to make their decisions ($$$). farnsworth contract becomes guaranteed this week or next week, so despite pitching better than valverde, farnsworth’s gone so the wilpons save $750k and/or they can get edgin here, who hasn’t pitched particularly well in AAA

    if farnsworth didn’t see the writing on the wall soon enough, then he’s blind; considering who else is out there with him and all the young guys on the way. but the timing was awful, i don’t think he was the one in the pen who deserved it most

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