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Why Wash Out Friday’s Mets Game?

Friday’s Mets-Diamondbacks game was postponed after three innings because of rain. Under baseball’s rules, when the game is made up on Sunday the two teams will start from scratch. It is a rule I never understood.

metsAaron Hill hit a two-run home run for Arizona. This actually happened. Except in the world of baseball regulations, it did not, and he will not get credit for it. And that is just not fair.

I know a game has to go five innings before it becomes “official” (or four and a half if the home team is ahead). But when they play the make-up game, why don’t they just pick up where they left off so everything that happened still happened? If a game is tied after five innings it is ruled “suspended” and they resume play at that point. Why should it be any different in cases where games do not reach five innings?

The baseball rule book does not give a rationale, only stating:

(If the game) has not progressed far enough to become a regulation game, the game shall be declared “No Game.” In such case, the game is to be replayed in its entirety…

It really does not make a whole lot of sense that some games are suspended and some are ruled “No Game.” They should all be suspended and resumed where they stopped.

The only person happy about this is Bartolo Colon, who allowed that home run!

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