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Mets Injuries: Eric Young, Syndergaard

The Mets Monday placed Eric Young on the disabled list with a hamstring injury, but more disturbing is that Noah Syndergaard has an elbow problem. We’ve seen where this road leads before.

noah syndergaard
Noah Syndergaard has an elbow problem.

Young said he has been dealing with a tender hamstring, then something happened when he stole a base on Saturday.

“On the steal, I felt it enough. It wasn’t a pull or anything like that, but I just felt it enough to where I couldn’t run or explode like I need to,” he said according to ESPN New York. “From the hindsight of watching what David Wright went through last year — he felt a tweak and still played through it and ended up popping it good and missed about a month and a half, almost two months there — my legs are a big part of my game, so I’d rather take the two weeks instead of risking it and potentially being out longer than that.”

Matt den Dekker has been called up to take Young’s place.

Now to Noah Syndergaard. He has been placed on the disabled list with a flexor pronator strain in his right elbow. He is due to be examined by the Mets vaulted medical team in New York.

In many cases, this leads to Tommy John surgery, but the Mets say this is a “mild” strain that likely will not result in surgery and a year-long absence.

Let’s not even speculate yet on the ramifications if the Mets are wrong, as they so often are. That can wait for another day.

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