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Mets Fans Not Dumb, Just Desperate

I had to laugh at what I thought were stupid Mets fans who were saying after the Philly series “we’re only three games out!” We know what has happened since. These were the same people who were convinced the Mets were going to the playoffs after finishing April four games above .500. But I realized these fans are not dumb, they are just desperate for any positive sign after a half decade of futility.

mets fansThis is what we Mets fans have been reduced to, and you really can’t blame us. How many times after a two-for-four game by Jason Bay did we say, “now he’s starting to get going?” We are saying the same thing about Curtis Granderson and Chris Young now. We are happy for any glimpse of a silver lining after years of years of dark clouds.

But we should know better. The Mets are simply a horrible team — poorly constructed from top to bottom. The Mets do have a handful of good players, which is why they might go through a stretch in which they will win a few games. But do not be fooled; it simply cannot last given the personnel on this team.

When the Mets started out May losing eight of nine, I tweeted something along the lines of “same old Mets.” Someone responded, “You’re giving up already?” My answer was that I was not giving up because I never believed in the first place.

Yet we will continue to watch the games and pray for the best. But do not think for a minute that this team is any good. It will save you a lot of heartache later.

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