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Mets Broadcasts Playing Favorites?

A curious thing happened during the broadcast of the Mets-Brewers game on Wednesday — it appeared replays that could have gone against the Mets were withheld until the Brewers manager decided not to challenge the call. Is SNY playing favorites?

I actually waited a day to write this to see if the same thing happened Thursday, but there were no similar incidents.

So here’s what happened — in the fourth inning Khris Davis was forced out at third on a sacrifice attempt. It was a very close play. Ron Roenicke came out to “talk” to the umpires about the play, killing time while his people looked at the TV replays to determine if he should challenge. This is usually the time when the broadcasts show as many angles of the play as possible. However, SNY only showed us Roenicke chatting with the umpire. It was only after one of Roenicke’s coaches gave the thumbs down that we saw the replays.

Compare that to the bottom of the fifth when Taylor Teagarden was thrown out at first on an extremely close play. SNY instantly showed us as many angles of the play as possible (to the point of annoyance!)  while Terry Collins went through the farce of discussing it with the umpires. By the way, Collins challenged the play and it was somehow upheld, even though the replays showed he was clearly safe. Collins argued afterwards, which is not allowed, and he was thrown out of the game.

Is SNY purposely not showing replays that could negatively impact the Mets? And if that is the case, who made that decision, SNY suits or the Mets front office? It should be noted that the Mets own part of SNY, so draw your own conclusions.

New York sports broadcasts in general have always been reasonably impartial — there is never any open rooting from the booth which is common in most other cities. So it would be a shame if this is actually happening. A TV broadcast should not play a role in determining the outcome of a game.

3 thoughts on “Mets Broadcasts Playing Favorites?

  • Met Fan 4 Life

    I’ve seen Mets on away games where the same thing was done against us, so it would appear that impartiality at least on the part of the producers is not assured.

  • I’m not 100% sure but I believe the umpires have access to every replay from every angle from every camera in the house. They don’t need to rely on whatever is broadcast to either home or visiting club. This would make sense as the fair way to handle it. I think perhaps someone should look into this further to see if this is the case.

  • i agree, i don’t think the mets really were up to anything here. i think the play at 3rd was so obvious that he was safe that they didn’t bother showing the replay (thinking it might be too little time before the coach gets the thumbs down, or possibly that it was so obvious that replay wasn’t even needed), while the play at first was so obvious that he was safe that they wanted to get a 2nd look at it. maybe i’m naive, but i think the mets are guilty of way worse things than this, and even if they were doing it, it’s not a huge deal, just less convenient for the fans i guess

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