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Should Curtis Granderson Bat Leadoff?

Curtis Granderson batted leadoff Monday night for the second straight game. While he is doing reasonably well in the spot, should the experiment continue? I say no.

curtis granderson
Curtis Granderson homered out of the leadoff spot Sunday.

Granderson was hitless in two at bats but had a walk and an RBI on a sacrifice fly in Monday’s loss to the Cardinals. He fared much better in his first game, sparking the Mets to a win Sunday over the Padres by going two-for-three with a home run and two walks.

The problem is not Curtis Granderson’s performance out of the leadoff spot more than what it does to the rest of the lineup. It leaves a gaping hole in the middle.

After Granderson, Daniel Murphy and David Wright, whom do you have to drive in runs? Bobby Abreu? His hot streak will certainly come to a screeching halt at some point. Lucas Duda? Please. Chris Young? You’re joking, right?

The fact is Curtis Granderson is needed in the middle of the lineup to drive in the guys at the top, the only guys in the lineup who can actually hit. Why do you think the Mets lead the league in first inning runs?

Granderson hitting down in the lineup makes it deeper. In fact, the Mets should make further lineup adjustments to lengthen it even more. This is the best Mets lineup (when everyone is healthy and back from the minors):

Eric Young
Juan Lagares
Daniel Murphy
David Wright
Curtis Granderson
Wilmer Flores
Lucas Duda
Travis d’Arnaud

There is really is no sure out until after the five slot. The current lineup runs out of steam with Wright after the third hole.

Murphy has been the team’s best hitter so he should hit third, and moving Wright and Granderson down a notch just deepens the lineup. I put Flores sixth just to break up the two lefties. Plus, the fewer at bats for Duda, the better.

Chris Young and Ruben Tejada should be banished somewhere, never to be seen again.

The Mets still can’t win with this lineup; there are just not enough good hitters. But I think it gives them the best chance to succeed.


Granderson batted leadoff again Tuesday night and went one-for-four in the Mets loss.

One thought on “Should Curtis Granderson Bat Leadoff?

  • young

    whatever order you want duda and flores.

    leave murph #2, he’s fine there plus more ab’s for him than in the 3 hole. granderson’s the best home run threat, so he’s 4. lagares could hit just about anywhere except for 4 and 3 unless he had someone good backing him up 4. i’d probably bat duda after flores b/c flores is a better rbi guy

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