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Mets Win Over Braves Turn Season Around?

I am not one of those writers/fans who goes nuts after one win or loss, saying, “This is it! The Mets are on their way up and/or down (depending on whether it was a win or a loss).” But if the Mets were ever going to turn this season around, Monday night’s win over the Braves would be the moment.

Mets celebrate comeback win over Braves Monday.

To recap, the Mets were riding a 2-0 lead going into the eighth inning, despite only collecting two hits over the first seven innings. The Braves scored three runs against the Mets bullpen to take the lead, but Curtis Granderson homered in the bottom of the eighth to tie the game. They won it in the 11th on a Ruben Tejada single.

When the Braves scored those three runs, it looked like the Mets would succumb to yet another Atlanta comeback. They usually fold up shop and go meekly into the night with a loss in those situations. Not Monday, though. They fought back to tie and then win the game.

So could this be the beginning of a turnaround that ends with the Mets in the playoffs, or at least competing for a spot late in the season? Probably not; they just are not a good enough team. But if it were ever going to happen, Monday would be a good place to start.

One thought on “Mets Win Over Braves Turn Season Around?

  • i like the enthusiasm but let’s wait until the mets aren’t 10 under .500 or if they manage to crack the top 10 in the NL. this team unfortunately isn’t good enough yet. i think if they played flores at ss, they’d have a shot at the playoffs this season, but we know the mets are opposed to paying/playing their young guys

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