Photos: All 8 (Yes, They Wore 8!) 2014 Mets Jerseys

Remember the days when baseball teams had two uniforms — white at home and gray on the road? No? Well, they did. This season the Mets wore eight — count ’em, eight — uniforms. Five are part of their regular rotation, three were for special occasions. Here are photos of all of them, showing all the Mets jerseys, as well as their penchant for high fives.

We begin with the limited editions. This one celebrated Latino days at Citi Field.

mets jerseys


This was a throwback jersey honoring the Negro Leagues. It also predicted this year’s World Series!



The awful, ugly camouflage uniforms worn on “Military Mondays” at Citi Field. A good cause, but poor execution.


mets camouflage jersey

Now to the regular jerseys. This is the classic — cream with pinstripes.


The home whites, unnecessary now that they have the pinstripes:



The alternate home blues. A fan favorite and definitely a good look.

david wright


However, the alternate road blues are not such a great look. The gray lettering just does not work, in my opinion. Let’s get rid of them and wear the home blues on the road as well.



Finally, another classic, the road grays.



One thought on “Photos: All 8 (Yes, They Wore 8!) 2014 Mets Jerseys

  • Road Grays and Home Pnnies are classics! The rest of them are all about marketing. Have you noticed that since all MLB uniforms are made by one vendor, there is no longer any individuality amongst all the teams? Every team now has their version of the Mets Home blues, etc.. Every team now has a dual colored hat, etc..

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