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Despite Appearances, No Plans to Change Mets Logo

The Mets say they have no plans to change their iconic logo despite a changed Mets logo appearing on the team’s social media accounts.

Eagle eyed fans noticed something amiss earlier this week in the avatar the team uses on Twitter.


It seems the United Nations building (right) was replaced with the Citigroup Center (left). Yes, that is the same Citi that is paying the Mets $25 million per year to slap their name on the stadium. So you can understand the alteration.

After a Twitter uproar, the team switched back to the classic Mets logo and told ESPN New York that it will not be changing the logo.

So why was the logo published in the first place? Good question, a question that the Mets have not answered. Uni Watch points out that the Mets actually uploaded the logo to Facebook last November and no one seemed to notice.

The Mets have one of the best logos in all of baseball, one that has hardly been changed since 1962 (a little “NY” was dropped in 1999). I am normally against such changes, but you know what? — this one would not bother me at all.

First of all, did you know that was the UN building? It looks like any other slab. The change would only take a slice off the top and would actually represent a building that is more recognizable. It’s not like they are eliminating the Empire State Building or anything.

It is a subtle change. Hell, no one noticed it last November. It would not really alter the feel of the Mets logo.

And finally, if such a minor change makes your main sponsor happy, then go for it.

If the Mets actually did plan to change the logo, then they have once again botched a public relations matter. You know who should be fired for this? — an unmarried pregnant ticket lady.

2 thoughts on “Despite Appearances, No Plans to Change Mets Logo

  • dave

    Mets should add the more distinctive CITIcorp building and dump the UN….. as should the US and NY in general.

  • Mark Berman

    Ha! So true.

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