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Mets Fans Thankful for Anything?

It is a valid question to ask on this Thanksgiving. The answer is sure, why not.

Well, Matt Harvey is coming back. He vows to be the same pitcher he was before he succumbed to Tommy John surgery. And I for one believe him.

Jacob deGrom just won Rookie of the Year. He could be even better in 2015.

Hopefully Noah Syndergaard will follow in deGrom’s footsteps, and along with Zack Wheeler be part of one of the best young rotations in all of baseball.

Finally, a strong bullpen from closer to mop-up men.

We get to watch Juan Lagares play center field every day for six months.

David Wright.

Travis d’Arnaud looks like he is ready to show why he has been traded for two Cy Young Award winners.

It is nice to watch a professional hitter like Daniel Murphy at the plate (less fun to watch him in the field).

And finally, the best GM in the game. Oh wait, these are things for which we are thankful, not things for which we are wishful. See, even on a holiday I can be slightly mean!

One thought on “Mets Fans Thankful for Anything?

  • Met Fan 4 Life

    I’m thankful that last season is finally over and we can look forward to better times ahead.

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