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metsSo it has come down to this — my good friend who watches virtually every Mets game said the telecasts have become “background noise” while she does unimportant things like taking care of her two young children. Sure, her girls are getting more attention, but the Mets reduced to the equivalent of Muzak? — that’s just sad.

Wednesday night’s game doesn’t even deserve that much respect. It was simply an embarrassment. Mike Pelfrey’s struggles continued, and the Mets committed four errors, including three in a sixth inning that I nominate as the worst inning of the year. Ike Davis bobbled a grounder, and Jose Reyes and David Wright both threw balls away. The Mets lost 8-3, dropping two out of three to the NL East-leading Braves.

They are now seven and a half games behind the Braves, and five and a half games behind the second-place Phillies, with whom they tangle in a weekend series in Philly. The Mets need to sweep that series, or at least take two out of the three games, in order to keep this sinking ship above water.

2 thoughts on “Background Noise

  • Jerry should have been fired after last night’s debacle. His game management skills are amateurish at best.

    Would someone please explain to me why Jerry had Takahashi warming up – maybe to face Chipper Jones – doesn’t bring him and of course Pelfrey gives up the big hit then hits the next batter – to which Jerry brings in Takahashi who then induces a couple of ground outs. Game over and probably the season.

    In addition, earlier in the year I bought tickets to see the mets in Pittsburgh in late August figuring that they would be in the race especially after seeing them in Cleveland. They were a lot of fun to watch earlier in the year. Since the return of Beltran, Ollie the clueless, and Luis the rangeless, it is like all the air has been sucked out of the atmosphere wherever the Mets play! So should I cut my losses and screw going to Pittsburgh or suck it up and enjoy a visit to a major league park that I’ve never been to?

    The only good part of the equation is that my seats cost $25 a piece whereas these same seats at Citi-Corp would cost me two mortgage payments – no joke.

    I’ve started to break out my J-E-T-S gear!

  • I say go to Pittsburgh and check out what is supposed to be an incredible stadium. And you are right about overpriced Citi Field. I am going to a game in Seattle next month and I paid $12 for tickets that would probably cost triple that in Flushing.

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