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IBWAA Elects Martinez, Johnson, Smoltz, Bagwell, Raines to Hall of Fame

The Internet Baseball Writers Association of America (IBWAA) today announced the election of former Met Pedro Martinez, Randy Johnson, John Smoltz, Jeff Bagwell and Tim Raines to the Hall of Fame. That other group will announce the results of its voting later today.

It is fitting that we announced our balloting first; after all, we are far ahead of the curve when it comes to Hall of Fame voting. We correctly enshrined Mike Piazza two years ago and Craig Biggio last year while the “real” writers inexplicably dragged their feet on both of these worthy players.

In any event, Martinez received 95% of the vote, with Johnson getting 98%, Smoltz 82%, Bagwell 81% and Raines 79%.

You can see my ballot here.

Here is the complete vote:


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