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Fred Wilpon: Drunk or Stupid?

fredWell, he’s got to be one of those (or both), based on comments he made Thursday. During an event announcing some SNY-UConn partnership that no one really cared about, reporters asked questions that really matter, about the Mets.  At first he smugly shrugged them off.

“This is about the Huskies. This is about SNY and the Huskies this is not about the Mets right here so we have to get back home to talk about the Mets.”

But reporters didn’t let up,  asking if Omar Minaya would be coming back for the 2011 season.

Wilpon’s response? “Is the sun going to come up tomorrow?” That would be a yes, beleagured Mets fans. When asked to elaborate further, a flustered Wilpon, as described by the Daily News, said, “I don’t know, I told you.” Then he asked for directions home.

jeffBefore being allowed to leave, however, he was asked about the job his incompetent son Jeff (left) is doing as Chief Operating Officer. “Excellent. Everybody knows that.” I don’t know what Wilpon’s definition of “everbody” is, but I assume in his world, everybody means him and Mrs. Wilpon. And the Dolan family.

When pressed further on Mets issues, Wilpon uttered this baffling, poorly structured sentence. “”I have a feeling that Jeff talks and he’s more talking about the Mets and the important thing is really Omar.” Huh?

After listening to these comments, it’s amazing that Wilpon was able to build a financial empire worth hundreds of millions of dollars. It does explain, however, why the Mets are such a mess. I mean, when Omar Minaya is the smartest guy in the room, look out!

3 thoughts on “Fred Wilpon: Drunk or Stupid?

  • this team will NEVER win with these loser they have no clue about baseball, so what Freddie played with Sandy big deal he still a freaking stupid.
    i hope the govt goes after them for any money they made with Madoff

  • f-youWilpon

    The only thing more stupid than douchebag Wilpon is that retarded looking rectangle citifield logo.

  • pauley

    Citifield sucks!

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