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Report: Mets Could Trade Dillon Gee for Jurickson Profar

A report Monday night on SB Nation says the Mets are talking to the Rangers about trading Dillon Gee and others for Jurickson Profar. Before you get too excited, you should know Profar is expected to miss the entire season, the second straight year he has missed, because of labrum surgery.

jurickson profar
Could Jurickson Profar be a Met?

It would definitely be an interesting deal. The Mets do not need Gee and would love to dump his $5.3 million salary. If Jurickson Profar can come back in 2016 and play like the phenom he is supposed to be, it would be a steal. He is only 22 and could solve the Mets shortstop problem for years to come.

My guess is if the Mets can do this deal (provided the other players are not any of the jewels of the Mets farm system), Sandy Alderson would jump on it. Then again, it would be a slight risk. And we all know how Mr. Cautious feels about that.

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