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8th Inning: The Final Nail?

Just two days ago, I nominated that horrible, error-laden 6th inning against the Braves as the worst inning of the year so far for the Mets. Well, now we have a new nominee and the likely winner — the 8th inning against the Phillies Friday night. This one was more significant, because it might be the final nail in the Mets coffin that is the 2010 season.

Mets Phillies BaseballThe Mets went into this series with the Phillies needing a sweep to get back into serious contention. Jon Niese (left) gave the Mets seven strong innings, leaving a slim 2-1 lead in the hands of the bullpen. Three relievers quickly coughed it up, allowing six runs in the blink of an eye. A ninth inning rally was too little, too late, and the Mets lost 7-5.

If the Mets couldn’t hold a lead with the usually reliable Bobby Parnell on the mound against a team without its two best hitters (Ryan Howard and Chase Utley), how will they be able to compete with the rest of the league down the stretch? The answer is they won’t. I really hope I am wrong about this, but it appears the Mets are done.


As bad as Mets management is, we can take some solace in the fact it is not the worst in New York. James Dolan has once again claimed that crown with his ridiculous hire of Isiah Thomas as a “consultant.” Thomas led the Knicks into an abyss out of which they are only now crawling out, and he embarrassed them off the court with that sexual harassment lawsuit against him and the team. In what world does that resume get him another chance? James Dolan’s world, of course. Not even the Wilpons, with all of their poor decisions, would do something that stupid. I least I hope not, or we may see Art Howe return as Mets manager.

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