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Did Matt Harvey Really Have Surgery?

I’m starting to think this whole “Matt Harvey Tommy John surgery” was a ruse. I think he just wanted to take a year off so he could chase models all over Europe. What else can I think after his spectacular “comeback” performance on Thursday.

matt harvey
Matt Harvey wins in first game back from “surgery.”

In his first appearance since his alleged surgery, Harvey threw six shutout innings, allowing just four hits and one walk while striking out nine. He regularly hit 96 mph on his fastball, and his curveball was unhittable. There’s no way a guy can throw like that in his first time on the mound after such a serious surgery.

But maybe it is possible if you are a bulldog like Matt Harvey. Many people said the effects of surgery and a such a long layoff would put an end to Harvey’s brash talk. Well, at least through one start, the brash talk was the clear winner.

Of course, it is just one start. We all know that. Still though, it was really nice to see. Now let the conspiracy theories begin!

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