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Mets Blow Another Win for Matt Harvey

Matt Harvey draws a lot of comparisons to Tom Seaver. Such talk is really premature, but there is one way that they are very similar — their offenses refuse to score runs for them. Remember Seaver in the 70s, losing a bunch of 1-0 and 2-1 games? Well, it’s happening again.

matt harvey
A double whammy for Matt Harvey — he takes another no-decision and has to be seen in that horrid uniform.

Here is Matt Harvey’s line for his last two games, including Monday night against the Cardinals — 15 innings pitched, nine hits allowed, 18 strikeouts, and oh, no runs allowed, either. What does he have to show for it? — zero wins. Both times he left with 1-0 leads, both times the bullpen blew the leads.

It must be discouraging for Harvey. He gives it everything he’s got and his teammates cannot score more than one run for him. He shouldn’t take it personally — the Mets can’t score for anyone, the weekend games against the Brewers notwithstanding.

Sandy Alderson has to do something about this. He cannot waste such brilliant pitching by having such an inept offense. The Mets can make some noise this season, but not with this lineup. Time to make a move.

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