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Mets Six-Man Rotation will Wait

The Mets Great Six-Man Rotation Experiment is on hold, but just for one more cycle through the rotation.

Dillon Gee not returning to the Mets just yet.

The Mets announced Dillon Gee will make one more minor league rehab start on Wednesday instead of returning to the big club. The Mets want Gee to throw more than 100 pitches in a game before coming back. Gee does not think it is necessary.

“Obviously I feel like I can pitch my next start here,” said Gee, according to ESPN New York. “I kind of raised that question in there. I feel like I’m just wasting bullets by pitching again, trying to get over 100 pitches, in a minor-league rehab game. But I’m doing what they want me to do.”

Matt Harvey has to be happy about this. He does not want the extra day of rest a six-man rotation would give him. And with the Mets off on Thursday, he would get two extra days.

“It wasn’t just Matt,” Terry Collins said. “If I can help it, I didn’t want to do it to anybody.”

Collins said he does not know how long this will last.

“We don’t know for how long,” he said. “It may be for two turns, one turn.”

When it eventually ends, Gee will likely be moved to the bullpen, where he was supposed to be all along until Zack Wheeler went down in Spring Training. Since then, with Rafael Montero coming up and now Noah Syndergaard, Gee’s position on the team has been in question.

“This has been the weirdest damn year in baseball I’ve ever had,” said Gee. “Obviously I wondered what [my] role is going to be, because you look and they’re filled. I’ve wondered that. He’s (Syndergaard) pitched great. He deserves to be here as well.”

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