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K-Rod Arrested for Punching Father-in-Law

Jerry Manuel’s stupid decision not to bring in Francisco Rodriguez with the bases loaded and two outs in the eighth inning with the Mets clinging to a 2-1 lead cost more than just the game. It may have led to K-Rod being behind bars. The closer was arrested at Citi Field following Wednesday night’s loss for allegedly assaulting his father-in-law.

krodThe Daily News reports investigators say Rodriguez threw at least one punch during the altercation in a tunnel just outside the Mets clubhouse in the moments following the 6-2 loss to the Colorado Rockies. His father-in-law suffered facial abrasions and was taken to a nearby hospital.

Rodriguez is charged with third-degree assault.

Witnesses say K-Rod was yelling as he was pushed back from the stadium’s Family Lounge into the hallway, which was crowded with people who were waiting for players after the game. Team security then pulled the pitcher away and rushed him into the clubhouse.

When a reporter who witnessed the incident asked Rodriguez about it, he snapped, “Mind your own f**king business.”

Rodriguez then left the clubhouse but was taken into police custody a short time later.

The Mets confirmed Rodriguez had an altercation with a relative but referred all further questions to the NYPD.

Here’s where Manuel might be to blame (not really, but why not?) — moments before the fight, Rodriguez got angry with reporters who asked why he was not brought into the game at that crucial  juncture. Instead, Manny Acosta gave up the game-deciding grand slam to Melvin Mora.

So let’s see — the Mets are all but out of the race for the post-season, Johan Santana gets hit with a civil suit over that alleged rape, and now K-Rod is in the slammer. What’s next, the Mets re-hire Tony Bernazard as a consultant?

2 thoughts on “K-Rod Arrested for Punching Father-in-Law

  • You can’t make this stuff up!! At least K-Rod got the Yankees off the back page!

    How about David Wright? He is the only player in Mets history to have 2 Golden Sombreros in one season!! Think about that for a second. Remember, Dave Kingman played a number of seasons for the Mets. It seemed that he would either K or hit a 9000 foot homer! AND I’m not sure but I don’t think he ever recorded a single Golden Sombrero as a Met.

    I will say that it was fun watching him destroy the bat rack. (Maybe next time it will be Jeffy Jr.)

    Think of all the crappy players to don a Mets uniform and yet David Wright achieves this distinction!

    How about what was it 9 or 10 straight Mets striking out last night? Were they facing the 1970’s version of Tom Seaver (who once K’d 11 straight San Diego Padres)? No, two guys I’ve never heard of.

    Gotta love Jerry batting the .185 hitting Carlos Beltran in the 4 spot. Even better lets get the lame Luis Castillo some time along with Mike Hessman.

    Jon Niese is now the 2010 version of former Mets pitcher Jim McAndrew – a guy who used to pitch his heart out and received ZERO support!!!

    I’m not losing hope however! Moises Alou will be off the DL soon.

  • One more point – it was absolutely hysterical listening to a very befuddled Jerry Manuel defend his starting lineup during the post-game conference. He actually said that he was playing all these different guys – Hessman, Luis, Blanco, and Francouer, because “they have to stay sharp and we might need them down the road.” DUDE!!!! you are 8 1/2 games out! You have to jump over 5 teams in the wildcard race! There is no more down the road!

    Is this guy for real!?? It is time to either try to somehow get back into it and thus play your A guys or phone it in and start playing all the kids!

    I loved his Carlos Beltran defense – “I am basing this on his past history.”… We all know that is a bunch of crap. Jeffy and Omar have told Jerry (who does have a very affable laugh and is a chuckler with a very nice gerri curl!) that they’re are not paying Carlos 8 billion dollars to sit!

    Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall when the Wilpons, Omar and Jerry get together to discuss business? I’m no comedy writer but it has to go like this:

    Jerry laughs at all of Omar and Jeffy’s jokes. “Hoo-Hoo Omar, that’s a good one!”

    Freddie throws in a couple of “You know Sandy Koufax and I go way back” stories.

    Omar tells them about the latest backup catching prospect while Jeffy screams at his secretary for not ordering the proper Mocca-Cafe-Latte.!

    And lastly Freddie ponders whether to bring on board Isaiah Thomas as his new GM and President of Baseball Operations now that his good friend and business role model James Dolan cannot hire him.

    Let’s Go Mets!

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