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Sandy Alderson is Finally Bold…

So this is what happens when Sandy Alderson finally does something bold — he reneges on his deal.

Now, I have no doubt the Mets crack medical staff saw something it did not like in Carlos Gomez’s hip. I just have no faith in the Mets medical staff following years of what some could consider multiple cases of malpractice.

For his part, Gomez’s agent, the always honest Scott Boras, said there is absolutely nothing wrong with Gomez’s hip or any other part of his body.

“He’s in first-class physical condition without issue,” Boras said. “We monitor our players closely. If there was ever an issue with him, we would have him seen by experts in a particular area. He has not been seen by any outside physicians this year. Other than a hamstring issue, he’s been in great physical health. He plans on playing in the big leagues for the next 15 years.”

Of course, Boras has his own reasons for such a statement. But I would think he would know the player a bit better than the Mets doctors. Just another reason for Boras to hate the Mets.

I am not too upset by this development; I’m not sure Gomez was the right guy for whom to trade Zack Wheeler. I would prefer a power hitter like Jay Bruce. I would love Yoenis Cespedes, but I would not trade Wheeler for two months of the free agent-to-be Cespedes. If he were signed for another season, then yes.

Then there is the issue of why Wilmer Flores was left in the game. I understand no deal was finalized so there really was no reason to remove him. But the players were agreed upon. And everybody in the ballpark except for Flores and Terry Collins, apparently, knew what was going on. Show some mercy. Get the kid out of the game so he can cry in the clubhouse rather than on the field, for all the world to see.

Just another example of shameful and utterly clueless behavior by the Mets front office. Unfortunately, we have grown to expect nothing less from the Mets under the Wilpons and the great baseball maverick, Sandy Alderson.

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  • Once Again Sandy Alderson & the WILPONS show us a major league baseball team should not be run. Several Jeff wilpon told the met fan base they have the resources for a major contract well go get Yoenis Cespedes,

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