Mets Would Be Crazy to Demote Michael Conforto

Michael Cuddyer is set to be activated from the disabled list next week, and most reports say the Mets will demote Michael Conforto to make room. That would be a terrible mistake.

michael conforto
Michael Conforto should not be demoted.

It comes down to Conforto or Eric Campbell. Whom would you rather have for the next three weeks (whoever is demoted will likely come back when the rosters expand in September)? Conforto is batting just .233, but he has eight RBIs in nine games. Campbell is batting .179. Enough said.

I actually like Campbell, but he has proven that he is a below average major leaguer, at best. And besides, Kelly Johnson effectively replaced him as a utility guy who can play the infield and outfield. Johnson is a legitimate major leaguer while Campbell is the type of Quadruple-A player the Mets have carried on their bench for the past few seasons. Along those lines, could the Mets have counted on Kirk Nieuwenhuis (who was supposed to be on the roster instead of Conforto, but he had to go on the DL) to deliver the big hit Friday night that helped the Mets extend their winning streak to seven games?

Michael Conforto is clearly primed for big things. And for the rest of August he will deliver far more than Campbell ever could. So the decision seems simple.

With the Mets, though, nothing is ever simple.

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