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Mets Make Statement: Can’t Beat Us

The Mets made a big statement in the final game of their four-game sweep of the Rockies Thursday — try as you might, you can’t beat us.

Mets beat up the Rockies Thursday.

The Rockies took a 2-0 lead off of Noah Syndergaard in the first inning. No problem — the Mets suddenly high-powered offense scored three in the bottom of the first.

When the Rockies tied the score in the third, the Mets answered right back in the bottom of the inning with a run to take the lead. Then they kept answering until they annihilated the Rockies 12-3.

One of their young studs was struggling early, so the Mets made sure they gave him enough runs in case he could not overcome his troubles (he was able, not allowing any more runs).

These Mets do not take no for an answer. Knock them down, they get right back up. This is not something Mets fans are used to, so forgive us if it takes some time.

In any case, the Mets beat up on a poor Rockies team these past four days. A very good Pirates team comes to town next. This will be a nice test to see if the Mets are ready to compete with the big boys.

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