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Eric O’Flaherty Needs to Go

The question is not why Eric O’Flaherty was allowed to face a righty Friday night, helping cost the Mets a game. It is why he is still on the team at all.

O’Flaherty has simply been a disaster. He has appeared in 13 games since the Mets acquired him in early August. In six of those games, he allowed runs (that does not even include last night, when the run was not charged to him). There have only been four games in which O’Flaherty did not allow a run, hit or walk. He has allowed 14 hits over seven innings. His ERA is a whopping 13.50.

Sandy Alderson was right to take a chance on O’Flaherty. He was once one of the best set-up men in all of baseball. That was before Tommy John surgery in 2013. He actually came back strongly last season, but now he seems to have lost it.

It is time to release Eric O’Flaherty. The Mets cannot risk him ruining the season.

One thought on “Eric O’Flaherty Needs to Go

  • Steve S.

    And so does Collins for using him!

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