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Matt Harvey Won’t Commit to Postseason

If you’re a Mets fan (and if you’re not, why are you reading this site?), you can’t be happy about Matt Harvey’s comments before the Mets drubbing of the Marlins on Saturday. Harvey would not commit to pitching in the postseason if the Mets make it there.

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Matt Harvey won’t commit to pitching in October.

A day after Harvey’s evil agent Scott Boras made waves by saying Harvey’s doctors didn’t want the pitcher exceeding 180 innings this year (he is at 166.1), Harvey said the same thing himself.

“I’ve been on the phone with Dr. Andrews and I’ve been on the phone with (Boras),” Harvey said. “What Dr. Andrews said is his limit is 180. That’s what Dr. Andrews had said.”

Of course, this makes Sandy Alderson look like the liar; earlier Saturday he said Andrews never gave him a limit.

When asked if he would pitch in October, all Harvey would say is, “I don’t know any much more than what I have to do Tuesday against the Nationals.”

He added “I never want to put the ball down. Obviously, I hired Scott as my agent and went with Dr. Andrews as my surgeon because I trusted them to keep my career going and keep me healthy. As far as being out there and being with my teammates and playing, I’m never going to want to stop. But as far as the surgeon and the agent having my back and looking out for the best of my career, they’re obviously speaking their minds.”

This is not a good development. It sounds more and more like Harvey will shut himself down at around 180 innings. That’s three starts at the most, far short of the postseason.

“My assumption was that they were doing the (Stephen) Strasburg approach,” Boras told Fox Sports midget Ken Rosenthal. “Keep pitching him on his normal day, let him throw his innings. If he gets there and he’s healthy, great. But you may have to shut him down before the end of the season.”

Boras suggested there could be some leeway.

“Matt Harvey wants to pitch,” Boras said. “We’re trying to work out a plan that the doctor approves of.”

Why is nothing ever easy with the Mets?

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