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Mets Set World Series Rotation; Is it Best?

The Mets have set their World Series rotation. And while it seems you can’t go wrong with any of their four young starters, does the set-up give them the best chance to win?

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How to stack these guys for World Series?

Matt Harvey gets Game One, Jacob deGrom pitches in the second game, the Game 3 starter in Noah Syndergaard and Steven Matz brings up the rear in Game 4. It means Harvey would get a Game 5, deGrom would pitch in a sixth game, and Syndergaard would get the deciding game.

Sounds good, but writing for FoxSports.com, CJ Nitkowski has what he thinks is a better idea. His rotation would be deGrom, Syndergaard, Harvey and Matz. His main thought was that deGrom would get Game 5, and if it went to a Game 7, deGrom would be available for relief. He says Harvey would likely not be available for a Game 7 if he goes in one and five, given all of the innings limit stuff. He’s probably right. Under his plan, Harvey would start a Game 7.

He also points out deGrom has been by far the best Mets post-season pitcher. Winning Game 1 is crucial, so why not give the Mets their best chance to win the opener?

One issue with Nitkowski’s plan is that Syndergaard would get two starts on the road. He has been much better at Citi Field this season, which likely went into the Mets thinking to give him Game 3 at home. And the Mets obviously think Syndergaard could handle the pressure of a Game 7.

Both rotations have plusses and minuses. But here’s the thing — the Mets will win or lose the World Series based on their starting pitching. So it really doesn’t matter when they go; if they pitch well, the Mets are world champions. If not, then not. It’s as simple as that.

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