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Mets Should Forget About Ben Zobrist

There are multiple reports that the Mets have reached out to free agent Ben Zobrist. Most of these same reports say Zobrist will likely be too expensive for the Mets. That’s good, because the Mets should just forget about him.

Listen, there is nothing wrong with Ben Zobrist; he is a fine player. But he is not the type of player the Mets need. Sure, he can play second base. And third base. And shortstop. And some outfield. And that’s all great, but the Mets do not need a utility guy, regardless of how “super” utility he is.

If you’ve been reading this website over the years, you know I always talk about difference makers. Every lineup needs at least one. The Mets never really had one, so they never won. Until they acquired Yoenis Cespedes. He literally made the difference in the Mets winning the division and going to the World Series. The Mets talked about getting Zobrist instead of Cespedes. Does anyone think Ben Zobrist would have led the Mets to the post-season? He definitely helped the Royals get there, but they probably would have gotten there without him.

Plus, Zobrist turns 35 years old during next season. That is just too old to commit multiple years to a player. Does anyone remember Michael Cuddyer? Oh yeah, we have one more year of him.

Zobrist is a good piece for a team that already has difference makers. The Mets are not that type of team. They still need one. That’s why re-signing Cespedes still makes the most sense for the Mets. It probably will not happen. But in any case, Ben Zobrist is not the answer for the Mets.

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