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Report: Mets to Bring back Jenrry Mejia

Despite Jenrry Mejia being perhaps the dumbest player in all of major league baseball, the Mets reportedly plan to bring him back for 2016, tendering him a contract before Wednesday’s deadline.

To recap, the Mets were counting on Mejia to be their closer in 2015, but he tested positive for PEDs and was suspended for 81 games. When he came back in July, the Mets were counting on him to be part of the crucial bridge to his pal Jeurys Familia, who seized the closer job in Mejia’s absence. Instead, he idiotically tested positive again and was suspended for 162 games.

jenrry mejia
Mets plan on bringing back Jenrry Mejia for some reason.

Yet Adam Rubin at ESPN New York reports that the Mets are planning on bringing Mejia back. Which raises the question — who is the dumb one?

The Mets would have to pay Mejia a minimum of about $2 million, which is 80% of his 2015 salary — the biggest pay cut the Mets could offer under terms of the CBA. As Rubin points out, Mejia still has 100 games on his suspension, so the Mets would not have to pay his entire season’s salary. They would owe him about $1 million.

If Jenrry Mejia can pitch like he’s supposed to, a million bucks will be a bargain. But he has already let the Mets down twice; why would they take another chance on him?

Maybe Mejia has learned his lesson. You’d think he would have learned his lesson after the first suspension, but he didn’t. So why bother with him again at all?

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