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Coke Replaces Pepsi at Citi Field

Get ready for something like the Coke Corner (the Coke Den would be too suggestive). Coca-Cola is replacing Pepsi at Citi Field. Mr. Met and the Coke polar bear (along with actual humans) rang the Opening Bell at the New York Stock Exchange Monday and made the partnership official.

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Mr. Met, among others, rings Opening Bell at NYSE Monday.

As it turns out, the Mets made the decision to go with Coke; earlier reports made it seem like Pepsi ended the relationship. The Wall Street Journal reports while the Mets were renegotiating with Pepsi, they also made overtures to Coke. By the middle of the summer, “Coke was considerably way ahead of them,” said Lou DePaoli, the Mets’ chief revenue officer. DePaoli asked Pepsi for its best offer, but it was not enough.

So now a giant Coke ad will replace Pepsi. The Coca-Cola logo is iconic and also old school, so it will be a perfect replacement for the Pepsi sign, and fit in well with the retro Citi Field.

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