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Checking in on 2016 Mets Payroll

The Mets made two significant moves on Wednesday, adding Neil Walker and Asdrubal Cabrera, which also added to the payroll. So as I will be doing all winter as developments warrant, let’s check in on the possible Mets payroll and see how this may affect future moves.

Matt Harvey: $7,000,000 (est)
Jacob deGrom: $600,000 (est)
Rafael Montero: $600,000 (est)
Noah Syndergaard: 600,000 (est)
Steven Matz: $600,000 (est)
Zack Wheeler: $600,000 (est)

Jeurys Familia: $2,000,000 (est)
Addison Reed: $5,000,000 (est)
Jerry Blevins: $2,400,000 (est)
Sean Gilmartin: $600,000 (est)
Hansel Robles: $600,000 (est)
Erik Goedell: $600,000 (est)
Carlos Torres: $2,000,000 (est)

Travis d’Arnaud: $600,000 (est)
Kevin Plawecki: $600,000 (est)

David Wright: $20,000,000 (actual)
Asdrubal Cabrera: $8,250,000 (actual)
Lucas Duda: $6,000,000 (est)
Wilmer Flores: $600,000 (est)
Ruben Tejada: $3,000,000 (est)
Neil Walker: $10,000,000 (est)

Curtis Granderson: $16,000,000 (actual)
Michael Cuddyer: $12,500,000 (actual)
Juan Lagares: $2,500,000 (actual)
Michael Conforto: $600,000 (est)
Outfielder: ?????

The actual salaries are $59,250,000, with estimates at $44.600,000, for a grand total Mets payroll of $103,850,000.

I did not include Jenrry Mejia and his prorated probable salary of $1 million because he will not be on the opening day roster. I did include Jerry Blevins because I think he will ultimately be the bullpen piece the Mets sign.

This figure is also without the outfielder the Mets apparently want to add. I think the Mets payroll will end up at around $110 million, so the dream of signing Yoenis Cespedes, even at a “discount” of $20 million, is not likely to happen.

The Mets still have some room to make improvements, but not much, which means they likely will not be earth shattering. So the team above is probably the one that will go into 2016. Is it good enough to win? We’ll see.

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