Reports: Mets to Re-Sign Bartolo Colon

The Mets did not wait long to use up that $12.5 million Christmas gift from Michael Cuddyer’s retirement. Reports on Wednesday say the Mets will re-sign Bartolo Colon.

bartolo colon
Mets re-sign Bartolo Colon.

It is reported to be a one-year deal for $7.25 million. Add in the $4 million they gave Jerry Blevins, and most of the Cuddyer money is gone. So much for using the savings to re-sign Yoenis Cespedes.

Colon reportedly had a higher offer elsewhere, but “enjoyed being a Met.” The fans certainly enjoy Bartolo Colon, especially his exploits in the batters box. On the mound, Colon has gone 29-26 with a 4.13 ERA over his two season. He excelled in a bullpen role in the off-season. It is a role he will likely reprise in mid-season when Zack Wheeler comes back to reclaim his roster spot.

I’m not so sure about this signing. Yes, Colon provides a proven starter to back up the young studs. But he turns 43 in May; how long can he keep this up? And with their limited budget, could this money have been spent better elsewhere?

Why not give Rafael Montero a chance? For a fraction of the price, you get much more upside. And if Montero can establish himself, he becomes trade bait when Wheeler comes back.

Bartolo Colon is certainly entertaining, but did the Mets really need another year of him?

One thought on “Reports: Mets to Re-Sign Bartolo Colon

  • Michael Gallo

    Wasn’t this the exact question when the Mets signed him 2 years ago? I like the signing. Gives the Mets another piece in the bullpen also.

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