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Mets 2016 Strategy is Clear

Many Mets fans are angered by the team’s unwillingness to re-sign Yoenis Cespedes or to acquire a similar difference-maker. After all, wasn’t the Mets offense sputtering until Cespedes’s big bat was inserted into the lineup? It may seem like the Mets are going back to the early days of Sandy Alderson, when there appeared to be no plan. But that is not the case; their off-season activity has made the strategy clear — win every game by a score of 3-2.

Let’s face it, as currently constituted, the Mets are not an offensive powerhouse. But they are probably good for a few runs a game. The starting rotation, however, could be one for the ages. It is not crazy to think that all five starters (after Zack Wheeler returns) could have ERAs under three. So if the offense can eek out just a few runs a game, the Mets should be able to win a majority of them.

Of course, none of the Mets starters will be allowed to finish most of their starts. So the Mets will need a solid bullpen to back them up, to make sure the few runs the offense scores will hold up. The Mets bullpen looks good right now, but we are in January. Relievers are a crapshoot — who’s to say young guys like Jeurys Familia, Hansel Robles and Erik Goedell will repeat their 2015 performances? And will veterans Carlos Torres, Addison Reed and Jerry Blevins hold up?

It is  no secret the Mets will only go as far as their starting pitching. But it seems like Alderson is putting all of his eggs in that basket, with very little margin for error if they falter. That is never a good idea. But then again, this group may be so special that backup is not needed; they may just be able to carry the team through October again.

One thought on “Mets 2016 Strategy is Clear

  • My sense is that the strategy is:

    A) Start with a competitive and reasonably priced line up and see how the famed rotation comes through spring training. See how the new middle infield performs. See how Wright, TDA, Conforto and Duda come along.

    B) Along the way, wait for the price of the big bat outfielders to drop back and pick up one of them at the the right price before the trading deadline.

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