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Mets Exchange Arbitration Figures with Walker, Duda, Familia, Mejia

The Mets on Friday exchanged figures with their four remaining arbitration-eligible players.

First up is newest Met Neil Walker. He is asking for $11.8 million, while the Mets are offering $9.4 million.

Then there is Lucas Duda. He believes he deserves $7.4 million, while the Mets are more comfortable at $5.9 million.

Closer Jeurys Familia wants $4.8 million after his breakout year, but the Mets do not think he is worth any more than $3.3 million.

Which brings us to Jenrry Mejia, the two-time loser to whom the Mets tendered a contract for some reason. He will miss the first half of the season because of his second PED suspension, yet he still has the nerve to ask for the same $2.595 million he would have made last year had he not tested positive for PEDs. Twice. The Mets offered $2.345 million., which is near the smallest pay cut they could offer under terms of the CBA. The greedy Mejia would have been smart to just take that money and thank the Mets for even offering him a contract. But no, he wants more, appearances be damned.

The Mets will likely settle with all of them. They are not fans of going to hearings. The last time a Mets player actually made it to a hearing was the infamous Oliver Perez in 2008. That was the team’s first hearing since 1992.

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