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Reports: Mets to Re-Sign Yoenis Cespedes!

Reports early Saturday morning say the Mets have agreed to re-sign Yoenis Cespedes. I think I speak for every Mets fan when I say “holy crap!”

yoenis cespedes
Yoenis Cespedes will reportedly be back with the Mets in 2016.

The deal is for three years and $75 million. It contains an opt out after the first year, which will pay him a whopping $27.5 million.

The Nationals reportedly offered a five-year deal. But Cespedes was apparently holding out for the Mets because he really likes playing in New York. In the end, the Mets offer was likely more per year, so while Cespedes did not get the nine figures he wanted, he does get a very sizeable salary per year.

Even though recent reports said the Mets were in the running, I never dreamed it would actually work out. Neither did Sandy Alderson, I’ll bet; why else would he have signed Alejandro De Aza, who is now not needed?

Just like when they acquired Yoenis Cespedes at the trade deadline, the Mets plugged a huge hole in their lineup. A previously below average lineup now looks pretty good. This should keep all of us warm as “Snowmageddon” hits!

2 thoughts on “Reports: Mets to Re-Sign Yoenis Cespedes!

  • Steve S.

    De Aza can be a LH batter on the bench, I guess, but he definitely is an overpay. I would still play Cespedes in RF mainly, with Lagares getting time against LHP most of the time in CF, with Granderson there for most games. Flores and Lagares are good PH’ers against LHP, too. Not sure they need Tejada though….

  • Jeremy

    Alderson/Wilpons strike again. Can we now finally stop all the harping? This shows that there really is a lot of sense to understanding the risks of spending money or NOT regardless of whether one’s team is in a major market or not.

    As a long standing Mets fan, not a fair weather fan, it’s great to see it come together like this. And for all you ney sayers out there who have been kvetching for MLB to force the Wilpons out, maybe now you can concede that it pays to take a measured approach and that fans should not be so quick to count and spend other people’s millions.

    It’s still possible that the team could suffer one or more catastrophic injuries turning a golden opportunity to return and win the WS into a struggle. But if everyone stays reasonably healthy and plays just to their career averages, this team should be VERY entertaining to watch. For now, 2017 can wait. But Alderson has bought us another year of great baseball entertainment.

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