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Last Tuesday, I wrote this:

So the Mets are now 7-6. the first time they are above .500 since they were 2-1 to start the season. They are riding a three-game winning streak and after the finale in Philly, the Mets play three in Atlanta and then home to three with the Reds. Next week at this time, the Mets can easily be well above .500 and on their way to where they think they should be.

So here we are, “next week at this time,” and the Mets have taken care of business. After losing the Philly finale, they beat the tar out of the Braves and Reds. They are riding a six-game winning streak and are now six games over .500. They are a game out of first place and are indeed “on their way to where they think they should be.”

And they have almost all of it without their best hitter, Yoenis Cespedes. Guys like Neil Walker and Michael Conforto have picked up the slack. The pitching, especially the bullpen, has been outstanding.

Of course, critics could point out the Mets beat up three of the worst teams in the league on the way to winning nine of their last 10 games. That is nonsense. The Mets are supposed to beat those teams; they should not be criticized for it.

With seven games coming up against the Braves and Padres (after the Giants series this weekend), the Mets should continue to pad their record as they defend their NL East crown.

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